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2,whatsapp, Love poem short shayari,sad shayari

 2,whatsapp, Love poem short shayari,sad shayari
If you are looking for some money, please

Jab Koyi is the youngest boy
Uska is home

Mat gave me the keys of my house
If you do not know how to use your phone

Jane is kaisi hawaye chal padi hain
Nafrrat har dil mein pahari padi hain

I want to thank you for it.
It's beraham mat ban, apna-2 hota h

Please do not apologize for this
If you are looking for some money, please

I do not want to go
I want to make one of these papers
How are you zindagi ka bhi kya kare,
If you want to go

Where did the deewanee go out of the room,
I have never seen anything like that,
If you want to remove yourself,
Es mohabbat ke dard se gujar kar toh dekha hota ...

Romantic love poetry,sexy shayari new in english

Romantic love poetry,sexy shayari new in english
When my friend near me, why should I go through the limit,
Make me your own, or I become her.
Let me touch you with the lips, breathe in the breath,
If you say that once and for me, I myself should be absorbed in you.

On my face, on my cheeks,
KU Rose roams the sea
Jai kisi khushu ki tahan guzaro mera dil ki lali alley
Full day

"What is the benefit of drinking jam on jam,
P. in the evening will fall in the morning,
Oh two drop yellow of my love,
Life will go through all the time "

I have a lot to say about it
Mahakti huai sanso me muje utar jane de
Tanha is the nation of the people
I'm sorry to see you
I want to tell you how much you want

Keep your lips on lips
I love you i love you

Breathe in the breath
Let the arms get in the arms.

Two jism me, life is one
The intention is not good for me today.

Looking fire
I am burning in love.

Keep your lips on the lips
I love you i love you

Let loose in one
Let me have yours.

Looking f…

sad shayari ,Shayari for a tremendous pain sad shayari in english

sad shayari ,Shayari for a tremendous pain sad shayari in english
Dastan-e-Gham, listen to me ..,
The sky also cried,
Do not bother you till the angle
E-bhabha sometimes remembered by us ...

On the way that I have left
Which never ends

At that time if you stopped
... would have stopped once

Come today even those dreams
Whenever I accidentally, I sleep

Makes me feel my face
Does not have a heart

Want to cry
But not the heart

Many hearts are hurt by this heart
Now there is no pain in heart

english love quotes,2love quotes images,new shayari no1

english love quotes,2love quotes images,new shayari no1
Your point is long arguments are excuses
Our talk is so much our life
Romantic Shayari For Girlfriend

Your jump enhances my courage
I love you romantic poetry in your love affair
You have to live in your memory now
If you are allowed to handle something

You touched my soul, something like this
That he became your slave for centuries
If you had a break in your sleep then
Our dream was coming to someone else

I am happy with the color of your love
You are me where i am
I have seen your Hussein
You came to us as far as I am Gurur

Keep you happy, keep you from all three bulls
From the lawyers, from the rights, from the eyes of Hasino
Romantic shayari

What is the beauty in the depths of love,
I am, you are, and what is the need for something
It's a big mistake to teach your memory to him
Do not even knock and fall into the heart

Something that has come to your point of view
Where did you go to heart and where did you go?

Remember you…

shayari english,1english me shayari, new shayari no1

shayari english,1english me shayari, new shayari no1

Just enough for the realization of e-mashbat!
Without you, we live in you
The face resembles Haseen Gulbo!
More than drinking intoxication soars you from seeing!

What do you like most about asking you?
Maybe we understand that we have been watching him for a long time !!
If you just walk, buy your payment!
Buy your wifes for your life!
You can do it all the time!
Loota loota buy the shop!

In this way I should be saluted!
Your last words and I should be your name !!
Smoky floral arises from the heart!
The day you call us, your voice calls us!
Whenever life brings you into your life!
This land looks better than the moon, we are !!

Never written on paper, your name is unknowingly!
Najm better than that, never got written!
I do not have senses, maybe you have news!
People say that you ruined me !!

I would not have had heart disease if you were not so crazy .. !!
Meet you,
Something like this ... ..
The whole age is just one,
I will meet…